Enlightenment Capital-backed IT contractor rebrands after acquisition

Trowbridge & Trowbridge, the McLean IT services firm acquired by Enlightenment Capital in April, is rebranding as IntelliBridge after a recent acquisition. 

With its Chevy Chase parent’s backing, Trowbridge acquired Fredericksburg national security-focused software firm IntelliWare Systems in February. The two have combined to form IntelliBridge, which will provide cloud, cyber, intelligence and digital services to government agencies in the defense, intelligence and civilian arenas. 

Trowbridge CEO Cass Panciocco, who was promoted to that role after Enlightenment acquired it, will serve as CEO of the combined firm. Former Trowbridge CFO Tom Hohman, who was appointed in February, is IntelliBridge’s CFO, according to its website. 

Dominic LaPore, IntelliWare’s CEO and founder, will serve as executive vice president for national security and law enforcement at the new firm. The combined company has more than 600 employees.

“Individually, Trowbridge and IntelliWare were outstanding companies before they merged; together, IntelliBridge is a larger and more capable mid-tier government contractor,” Jason Rigoli, partner at Enlightenment Capital, said in a statement.

The acquisition and subsequent combination comes as Enlightenment Capital has been growing after raising a $250 million fund in May 2019. The third investment fund from the company exceeded its $200 million target, leaving it plenty of runway to continue making investments in mid-sized aerospace, defense and government services companies.